ECKA National Championships 2017

BD team

With a team of just 9 fighters we had some amazing results at today’s ECKA National Championships!

Casey - 2nd

Isabelle - Champion
Casey - Champion
Mixed team (Max, Edward, Casey, Alex & Lakeasha) - 2nd
Lakeasha - 2nd
Aimee - 2nd
Max - 2nd
Nojus - 2nd
Alex - 3rd
Edward - 3rd
Leon fought great, but just missed out on a place.

Light Continuous
Lakeasha - Champion
Max - Champion
Monkey - Champion
Isabelle - 2nd
Alex - 2nd
Edward - 2nd
Nojus - 3rd

We gained 3rd place today in the overall club standings across all of ECKA so thank you all for your efforts in the club and on the mats! 

Team event
Geoff Aldridge