2017 Club awards

We celebrated 2017 with an awards evening with a number of students from the club receiving awards for their hard work and dedication. 

The awards issued were as follows: 

2017 Bletchley Dragons awards

Fitness Test:
1st – Alex
2nd – Monkey
3rd – Nojus

Best Competition results (Adult) – Baimee

Best Competition results (Cadet) – Max

Best Competition results (Child) – Alex

Special Award - for her competition results – Monkey

Best Grading result - Lizzie

Top Attendance – Lizzie & Tommy

Most potential – Lakeasha & Nojus

Most hardworking – Jack

Most dedicated – Kai

Most flexible – Isabelle

Student Choice Winner – Monkey
Medals were given to every student who received a nomination for the Student Choice award:
Alex, Baimee, Callum, Edward, Huseyin, Isabelle, Jack, Jamie, Jason, Jazz, Kai, Lizzie, Mark, Max, Nojus & Sky

Geoff Aldridge