Grading results!

Great results from today’s grading with some strong displays from the club! All new belts well deserved, as agreed by today’s grading examiner, ECKA Chief Instructor and 8th dan black belt Sensei Dev Barrett.

Red belts: Aalia, Advik, Chester, Chloe, Chris, Damon, Decon, Harvey, Kais, Rahman & Tiger

White belts: Charlotte, Emily, Issy, John, Neil, Temour & Tom

Orange belt: Nojus

Green belts: James, Jason, Kai, Lakeasha & Toby

Purple belt: Leon

Brown belts: Isabelle & Tommy

Special congratulations to Lakeasha for her A- for Green belt and Isabelle for a B+ for Brown belt - both amazing achievements!

Geoff Aldridge